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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Prime Minister Injured In Bicycle Accident

Florencia (EB) - After returning home from visiting his wife's family in Oklahoma, the Prime Minister injured himself while riding his bicycle the evening of June 1.

"My wife and I had gotten home from visiting her parents in Enid, and after we'd unloaded the car we hopped on our bikes to get some onions from her grandmother, who lives across town," said PM Quedéir Castiglhâ. "The sun had set by the time we left for home, and the streets we were on weren't well lit. When we got to Main Street, I stopped abruptly and fell off my bike."

Fortunately for the PM, his wife is a registered nurse who works at the local hospital. "She patched me up pretty good when we got home," said Castiglhâ. "I've got some nice road rash on my hands and a big scrape on my right knee, but fortunately it hasn't been a problem."


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