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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Speech to the Nation

Florencia (EB) - Prime Minister Quedéir Castiglhâ issued the following Speech to the Nation yesterday:

Azul, fellow Talossans.

While preparations are being made for getting easy mass communication back on track, I'd like to say a few things that I hope you'll not only listen to, but follow.

Some of you were around the last time a group broke off to form their own micronation; many were not. While I was not a citizen yet, I was following events very closely. We as a nation need to understand something: We must move on. We absolutely cannot dwell on what has happened. We cannot allow this to consume us like it did the last time, no matter your level of involvement.

The government is operating with the attitude, "Thanks for playing." What this means is, they're out of the game. No longer our concern. We don't need to waste mental energy thinking about what they're doing and who they're doing it with. They're not coming back. Our concern is with the KINGDOM of Talossa, and we need to take what energy we have left after Real Life and our other hobbies to work on making our nationette better. Laws, language, that sort of thing.

If we spend time focusing on them, that hurts US. That gives their project legitimacy in the eyes of others as well. The Uppermost Cort has ruled that they are no longer citizens. We need to spend our efforts on what we have control over. We need to forget about them. I realize that some of us have pals or friends who were involved. You don't need to give up your friendship with them. But what we do is none of their business, and what they do is none of ours. If they want to talk bad about us, then let them. We will not reciprocate. We will be better than that. We will not let it weaken us by being angry about it, or spending a lot of time talking about it. We will use this event to become stronger as a people and a nation.

Long live the Kingdom of Talossa!

Quedéir Castiglhâ
Seneschál del Regipäts Talossán

"I can't say it enough," stated the PM. "They're gone, and there's nothing we can do about it, nor is there anything we should do about it except move forward. We've got things we need to do with a new legislative session coming up, so the government's time is better spent getting ready for that. There's plenty for the citizenry to do as well, and that's just what we'll be doing."


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